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Research Articles

  • Gauss Maps of the Surfaces in the Three-Dimensional Heisenberg Group
    [Abstract] doi:10.7546/jgsp-60-2021-1-23
    Christiam Figueroa

  • Analytical Solution of the Euler-Poinsot Problem
    [Abstract] doi:10.7546/jgsp-60-2021-25-46
    Cássio Murakami

  • Primitive Tilings and Coherent Frames
    [Abstract] doi:10.7546/jgsp-60-2021-47-64
    Luis S. Silvestre, Eden P. Miro and Job A. Nable

  • New Parameterizations of \(\mathrm{SL}(2,\mathbb{R})\) and Some Explicit Formulas
    for Its Logarithm

    [Abstract] doi:10.7546/jgsp-60-2021-65-81
    Tihomir I. Valchev, Clementina D. Mladenova and Ivaïlo M. Mladenov

  • Some Results on Cosymplectic Manifolds Admitting Certain Vector Fields
    [Abstract] doi:10.7546/jgsp-60-2021-83-94
    Halil Ibrahim Yoldas


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